Gaston Vr

My Job:

Management of a eight person team, using Agile Methode (kanban).
Deadlines preparation and managment.
Lead playtest
3D Artist
Sound designer

Gaston Vr was an order for the « 33e comédie du livre de Montpellier »
We were a team of 8 people during a period of 5 months (January-May 2018).
The game was designed for the HTC Vive, the goal was to create an interesting experience for people who have never, or very little, use virtual reality.
The player has to find Gaston Lagaffe in a maze of books and letters. On his way, the player will encounter the Pets and some of the inventions of Gaston.
We use Unreal Engin 4 to design the game.
We learn a lot of things due to the amount of work necessary to achieve our vision.

What i learned:

I learn to use kanban methodology in order to organize all the work of the team and make sure that every part of the project was push forward.
Also, as leader of the playtest sessions i had the opportunity to discover all the imperfections related to the production of the game and it helped me to have another perspective of my work and thus, to improve it.