This game was made in 3 days during the Ubisoft Game Challenge 2018.
We were a team of 11 people. The Game won first place of the challenge.
My job was game designer.

Your goal is to create an antidote to cure a plague.

You are playing during two phases : Night and Day.
During the night, you have to find constellations, which will reveal colors, you need to memorize them because they will tell you which ingredients you need to use in your medicine.
During the day, you have to control 1 character to pick the ingredients and send them to the other character, which needs to regulate the cooking temperature. Every ingredient MUST land in the potion while the temperature is in the sweet spot (you can see the temperature on the left side of the lab).

You need an Xbox controller to play the game correctly.

The theme of the Game Challenge was « Automne 1529, 14 rue de l’école de pharmacie ». Basically an address in Montpellier, french city, in which Nostradamus, a famous astrologist met Rabelais, famous writer, and attended classes in medical university.
It was a very challenging yet rewarding experience.

Our team drew five destiny cards which basically were rules to follow during the creation process.